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Lori has lost over 200# and here is more about her journey..

What were your initial goals? My goal was always weight (fat) loss, though at first I couched it as “I want to live a healthy lifestyle.” I battled obesity my whole life and had tried just about every diet out there when I first emailed Julie at Balance for Life many years ago. I was desperate to find help in a comfortable place with a trainer who would “get” me, my weight challenges and my exercise phobia! The truth is, it took me many years to get ready to really, finallymake a change and fully commit. And fat loss had to come first. I had to diet and stick to it, and work out hard and stick with it consistently over 18 months to reach my goal. Now, I can live a healthy and active lifestyle.

How has working with your trainer helped with your success? Working with Julie, and now Sandra, has been an important component of my overall program. While the diet/nutrition is certainly critical for someone who has 200 lbs, to lose, I could not have done reached my goal without the combination of both diet and exercise. My trainers, and the Balance for Life family in general, helped with accountability, motivation, and much needed emotional support. Sandra continues to push me and help me continue to perfect my form while building my overall strength and endurance.

What is your current exercise routine? I work out at Balance for Life about 3x per week with Sandra doing both strength training and cardio. And, I add occasional classes – pilates reformer and now Kettlebell – when my schedule allows. The other 2-3x per week I do cardio on my own, usually outside. My cardio consists of aggressive walking and hiking/climbing mountains, as well as the 45-60 minutes on the elliptical when I am training in the gym.

What are your long term health and fitness goals? My goal is to be a fit and active girl for the remainder of my life. That means enjoying all of the outdoor activities I currently love – hiking, climbing, biking, walking – and trying new activities such as golfing and skiing. I am competing in my first races this year – a 10K this month and half marathon in August. If you had asked me two years ago if I would be mountain climbing and doing a half marathon I would have said, either, “your nuts!” or “you have the wrong girl!.” Now, I have embarked on a goal to hike the entire Superior Hiking Trail and plan to be climbing mountains when I am 80+.

What keeps you motivated? How great I feel in my new body and life. Something switched in me and I literally went from hating exercise at 350+ lbs to wanting to do it all the time. I am someone who wants to continue to work with a trainer for accountability and to build strength and endurance and push my limits.

What are some changes in your life because of exercise? I truly believe I can do anything now. And I do. This year will bring lots of firsts in the activities department. On the agenda for summer/fall are golf, snorkeling and maybe skydiving, and lots more mountain climbing. This winter, cross country skiing, ice skating and perhaps downhill skiing. I also want to try yoga and get better at pilates.

Why do you enjoy training at Balance for Life Fitness CenterI LOVE Balance for Life for its friendly and accessible atmosphere, clean and well cared for facilities and equipment, and the high quality of training I have received from Julie, Sandra and Sean. I like that it is not a crowded, intimidating club and that people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels are welcome and train here successfully. I also love the contests, and the variety of group classes. There is always something new to motivate and inspire.

Anything else?    I feel blessed to have met Julie when I did almost 10 years ago and to have watched the business and the team grow into what Balance for Life is today. And as someone whose formula for success included flipping her life around so that she was in the center of the equation, I LOVE the name Balance for Life! It is very fitting. I am lucky to now be inspiring and helping others lose weight and transform their lives.