Balance for Life Fitness Center



MERSC discount available to all MERSC members & family!

MERSC Program

  • Free one hour consultation with a trainer
  • First group fitness class is free (excludes reformer classes)
  • $75 off your first package of 10 or more one hour private sessions with a trainer
  • $40 off per person (total of $80) on your first partner training package of 10 or more one hour partner sessions (group of two) with a trainer
  • $20 off your first 60, 75 or 90-minute massage session
  • 15% off your first group fitness class package of 4 or more classes








In a world where health care costs are taking a huge bite into corporate profits and making it very difficult for small businesses to survive, implementation of programs that yield a reduction in these costs, or at least contain them, are no longer elective, but rather a necessary consideration for a financially prudent organization. A well designed wellness/fitness program with a strong nutritional and fitness lifestyle emphasis will directly meet this need.