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With today's rising healthcare costs insurance companies in some cases are just not covering the amount of Physical Therapy sessions needed to fully rehab your injury. Hiring a professional trainer in addition to your PT will help get you back to where you need to be and maybe even stronger than before the injury occured.

Staying physically fit throughout your entire life is extremely important for purposes of the body as well as the mind. Regular exercise can reduce your stress, increase your sense of well being, in addition to helping your strength and flexibility, thus drastically improving your overall quality of life.

Unfortunately, even the most conditioned person in the world can sustain an injury, and in the worst circumstances this can result in surgery. Being sidelined from an active lifestyle for an extended period of time can prove to be very challenging--in addition to the pain from the surgery itself, it is very common to lose strength, flexibility, and balance in the time when you may be unable to exercise. This makes the time you spend on physical fitness during post surgical rehabilitation extremely important to making a full recovery. For the most efficient recovery possible you should consult a professional for guidance, safety, as well as their expertise. 

Using a professional trainer during injury rehabilitation can make all the difference. An experienced trainer can work to isolate the area that needs rehabilitation, and choose specific exercises and stretches for that purpose. More than targeting exercises for specific areas, a trainer will also work to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly for the maximum effectiveness.

Safety must be of the utmost importance when successfully rehabilitating from a surgery. Simple things such as over straining, improper form, or a lack of steadiness can be devastating to a recovering body part--and can very easily result in re-injury or a completely new one. Safety is always very important when exercising, but adding the instability involved with rehabilitation can be hazardous when not under proper guidance. Your trainer will know when it is safe to do things such as add more challenging or complicated exercises and stretches to your routine, and others such as increasing weight or repetitions. 


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.