Balance for Life Fitness Center


Insurance Reimbursement

Here are the plans that we are currently enrolled in:
How to enroll....
1)  Print out the enrollment form, complete it and turn it into the front desk before July 1st to have get credit for your June workouts.
2)  Grab a form from the CSR at the front desk next time you are in and turn it in before July 1st
3)  If you can't complete it by July 1st, the next deadline is August 1st to get credit for your July workouts.
*Private sessions and classes count as a workout.



These are HealthPartners general Frequent Fitness program requirements.  Program requirements may vary by employer plans.  Up to 2 people per household and must be 18 years or older 8-12 visits monthly = up to $20 reimbursement
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Preferred One Fitness Advantage

Work out the programs minimum number of days per calendar month in order to receive a credit toward workout fees. Up to 2 people per household and must be 18 years or older 12 visits per calendar month = up to $20 reimbursement
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UCare Health Club Savings Program

UCare Seniors & UCare Choices can get fit and save up to $20 per month!
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Regency Managed Properties

The Health for Wealth Rewards Program offers eligible associates can work out a minimum of 6 times per month and receive up to a $20 credit on their workout fees.
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Sanford Health Plan

All eligible members will receive up to $20 per month for completing at least 12 workouts per month at Balance for Life.  (If unsure if you are eligible or not, call Sanford Health Plan - or the back of your insurance card.)
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We are looking to add Blue Cross in the near future.  If you have Blue Cross and workout at BFL 12 or more times per month, put your name on the list at the front desk and we will notify you when we add it.