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Personal Training

The thought of entering an exercise facility and starting an exercise program without any assistance can be intimidating. Trying to teach yourself how to use all the equipment can be so confusing.

Having your own personal coach overseeing your program and progress is the key to success. We ensure your workouts are safe and fun! That's why our clients experience life-changing results.

Having difficulty sticking to your program?
You're not alone. Eighty percent of people discontinue their exercise program after 2-3 months. But this time, things are going to be different. Our Personal Trainers will help you adhere to your program consistently. When you schedule an appointment with a trainer, you make a commitment to yourself - a commitment that your trainer won't let you break!

Need a competitive edge?
Many dream of the challenge of completing an athletic event. With your own personal coach, that dream becomes a reality. All ages, whether you are training for a 5 or 10 km fun run, a half or full marathon, a triathlon, student sporting event, skiing, a grueling hike or just training to improve your golf or tennis game, your trainer will provide you with a plan for success.

Suffering from an injury? Bad back? Bad knees? No problem! An injury can really set you back. You have the choice of doing nothing or taking an active role in feeling better. Your trainer will work with you and your health care professional to develop a safe program. Your trainer will assist you on your road to recovery.  We have many trainers on staff that specializes in working with clients that have injuries. 

Disabled? We can accommodate both physical and mental disabilities at our studio.   We have trainers that specialize in working with clients with disabilities, our equipment is accessible and many or our machines are adaptable to the client.  Our machines are far apart in order to give you room to move in and out and transfer from a wheelchair if needed.  Please don't let a disability stop you from working out.  Work with a trainer and learn what to do for your body to increase your mobility, strength, flexibility, endurance, independence and cardiovascular fitness.

Education: By keeping current on the latest research, we are able to design the most effective exercise program to fit your needs. This allows us to teach you how your body functions and discuss why exercise is necessary.

Affordability: Packages are available to fit your budget with sessions. Half hour and one hour sessions are available as well as a one time “Jump Start” 3 session introductory package at a reduced rate.

Accountability: Setting an appointment will ensure that your workout becomes a priority and keeps you on track with your goals.



Private one-on-one Training

Work one-on-one with a trainer where each workout is customized for you and is based on your goals and works within any restrictions you may have.   Working one-on-one with a trainer keeps you accountable to your workouts and motivated to keep on track. The more sessions you purchase the less you pay per session. Call 651-415-9500 or fill out contact or consultation form for more info.


Partner Training

Designed for two participants, partner training offers an option for those that like working out with a trainer with a friend, spouse, sibling.  You will not only have a great workout partner for extra motivation but it is also a more affordable option for those on a tighter budget.  BFL does not provide partners. Call 651-415-9500 or fill out contact or consultation form for more info.



*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.


Complimentary Towels, Bottled Water & Wi-Fi



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